There are Adcepts & there are B7 Adcepts

Not all Adcepts are created equal. As a marketing tool, they have been around for many years but their full potential has never been realised – until now. What B7 has done is to fundamentally alter how Adcepts are written & the way that they are presented to consumers. The effect has been to turn them into the richest & most precise way to uncover compelling positioning opportunities for a brand or an innovation. Below, B7’s Paul Tidmarsh highlights some key differences between traditional Adcepts & B7 Adcepts:

Rough & Consistent Appearance
Traditional Adcepts are often made to look like highly polished, finished advertising. Ours are kept deliberately rough looking so that consumers respond to the idea expressed rather than the execution. For the same reason we always use the same simple layout, so each idea is judged on its own merits, not its superficial attractiveness.

Quantity is Quality
The number of Adcepts B7 shows consumers is very unusual – up to 80 are put on the wall at a qualitative research group. It seems counter-intuitive to use so many, but it really is the key to getting genuinely deep & precise consumer insight. This is because we are effectively producing multiple variations of each idea area, meaning that the very best expression of an idea can be isolated. No other agency shows anything like the volume of Adcepts that B7 does.

B7 is the Adcept specialist – unlike other agencies that offer Adcepts as an option, Adcepts are all we do. After10 years of constant refinement of our thinking & our systems, we are undoubtedly the world experts in this technique. We have applied our methods with consistent success from highly sophisticated Western markets to the developing world. We have partnered with some of the world’s leading qualitative research agencies, and have made a difference to some of the world’s most respected brands. No one understands the power of Adcepts like B7 does.

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