B7 helps develop Tesco Finest* Brand Re-Positioning Strategy

Tesco has introduced its relaunched £1.5B Finest* range, supported by a new t.v. advertising campaign.

B7 Innovation worked with the Tesco team & advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to develop the brand re-positioning & the communications strategy for the relaunch.

“By using our Adcept technique to scope many potential angles, we found that consumers were interested in the stories behind individual foods from the Finest* range”, says B7 Innovation founder Paul Tidmarsh. “They were particularly interested in & surprised by how many Finest* suppliers were small family businesses and how passionate they were about the food they produced. This information allowed them to view Finest* in a new, very human light.”

The advertising campaign featuring families producing smoked haddock in Grimsby, sea salt in Angelsey & grissini in Italy airs from October 7th.

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