B7 Innovation – The World’s Only Adcepts Specialists

B7 Innovation is the only agency in the world that specialises in the Adcept methodology. Our staff members have spent a combined 100,000 hours using our Adcept technique to help find the most compelling positioning and communications opportunities for many of the world’s leading brands. We are a powerful example of the benefits that come from focusing exclusively on one specific area.

B7 Innovation’s creation came from a deep dissatisfaction with the stimulus used in traditional qualitative research. Concept statements were (and sadly, still are) the dominant form of stimulus used, despite their very clear shortcomings. Concept statements are very poor at uncovering consumer opinions and feelings for a number of reasons; they are unfamiliar, they lack emotion, and only very few (normally a maximum of six) can be presented in a single focus group.

Adcepts are different. They speak to consumers in the familiar language of brands – advertising – so that they are able to place an idea in the context of a market they know and understand. Adcepts also convey emotion in the same way that a finished advertisement can, allowing consumers to react to an idea at a more fundamental, visceral level where most buying decisions are made. Finally, B7’s methodology allows up to 80 Adcepts to be presented to a single focus group, meaning a wider range of ideas can be explored, with multiple versions of each theme to give every idea its best possible opportunity.

As B7 Innovation is the pioneer in the field of Adcepts, we have had to create our methodology through trial and error and continuous improvement and refinement. This process started in 2003 and continues today. Hands–on experience and feedback from some of the best minds in world marketing have improved our techniques enormously, though often in very subtle ways. In his book ‘Outliers’, Malcolm Gladwell wrote famously about 10,000 hours being the amount of time one needed to invest in an activity before becoming truly excellent at it. This wasn’t just any 10,000 hours either, it was 10,000 hours of focused effort and continuous search for improvement. At B7, we’ve now got over 100,000 hours’ experience of Adcepts across our team, which we believe is why our technique and execution of Adcepts is unmatched anywhere in the world.

B7 Innovation brings two things to our clients; a method of uncovering consumer insights that is markedly superior to concept statements, and a team that eats, drinks and breathes Adcepts every day with the degree of excellence that only this depth of experience can bring.

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