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B7 Innovation communications strategy contributes to compressed deodorant success

Delivering its Quarter 2, 2013 results, Unilever CEO Paul Polman stated that “Compressed deodorants were already a key driver of growth” in the period.

Launched in February on the Dove, Sure, Rexona & Vaseline brands, the new cans contain the same amount of anti-perspirant but are half the size of the original. This reduces packaging, propellant & transport requirements significantly. The retail price, however, remains unchanged.

B7 Innovation worked with Unilever on the development of the communications strategy for the introduction of the new can. Speaking about the project, B7 Innovation founder Paul Tidmarsh says “ The principle concern was that consumers should see the environmental benefit & believe that they were genuinely getting the same product volume as before. They also needed reassurance that the product would be as gentle as previously. Using our Adcept technique, we explored a wide range of possible communication routes before finding the most effective message & tone. We’re naturally delighted to have contributed to such an important & successful launch.”

B7 Innovation helps develop Tesco Hudl Positioning & Communications Strategy

Tesco has just announced the launch of its new Hudl computer tablet.

Priced at just £119 with many high-spec features, it is expected to have a major impact on the tablet market currently dominated by Apple, Samsung & Kindle, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

B7 Innovation worked with Tesco & advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to develop the brand positioning & communications strategy for Hudl, which formed the basis of the current advertising campaign. B7 Innovation founder Paul Tidmarsh says “We used our Adcept technique to explore a wide range of possible approaches. From this it became clear that Hudl appealed to those wanting the fun, convenience and excitement of tablets in a way that was unintimidating & easy for every member of the family to use.” Early indications are that the Hudl will be a major success – in its first two days, Hudl sales in Tesco exceeded those of any other tablet brand during the busiest full week at Christmas last year.

The advertising campaign which airs from 5th October features real people, showing just how easy it is to have fun with Hudl every day – whether it’s chatting to family, checking Facebook, or watching videos online.

B7 Innovation celebrates 10 year anniversary

This November, B7 Innovation is 10 years old. In this period, we’ve grown from three people working from Paul Tidmarsh’s kitchen into one of the world’s most (quietly) successful brand development agencies.

“Our first breakthrough was doing the brand positioning & communications work for Pimms that led to the famous Alexander Armstrong advertising campaign”, says Paul Tidmarsh. “This proved to serious brand owners that our Adcept technique really could give more insight than tired old concept statements & mood boards.”

B7 Innovation has continued to grow steadily, even through the difficulties of the current recession, adding brands such as Dove, Flora/Becel, Philips & Tesco to our portfolio. “A highlight for me has been our role in the development of the brand positioning & communication for Dove worldwide” adds Paul. “Another is the work we’ve been doing this year across the Tesco brand, which comes at such a pivotal time for them.”

Now a team of 19, we’re hoping the next ten years will be just as interesting & as much fun at B7.

B7 helps develop Tesco Finest* Brand Re-Positioning Strategy

Tesco has introduced its relaunched £1.5B Finest* range, supported by a new t.v. advertising campaign.

B7 Innovation worked with the Tesco team & advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy to develop the brand re-positioning & the communications strategy for the relaunch.

“By using our Adcept technique to scope many potential angles, we found that consumers were interested in the stories behind individual foods from the Finest* range”, says B7 Innovation founder Paul Tidmarsh. “They were particularly interested in & surprised by how many Finest* suppliers were small family businesses and how passionate they were about the food they produced. This information allowed them to view Finest* in a new, very human light.”

The advertising campaign featuring families producing smoked haddock in Grimsby, sea salt in Angelsey & grissini in Italy airs from October 7th.