Tesco Hudl proves a hit with consumers as 400,000 fly off the shelves

Tesco’s Hudl tablet computer, for which B7 used its Adcept methodology to help develop the communication strategy, has been a major success. Online marketing & media publication “The Medium” reports:

“Supermarket giant Tesco may have had a disappointing Christmas overall but one venture which didn’t disappoint was the Hudl, a budget tablet which shoppers snapped up in their droves.

In the three months to December Tesco shifted a creditable 400,000 of the 7in devices, seeing off competition from sector heavyweights such as Apple, Amazon and Google in the process. The festive sales boom saw 100,000 Hudl’s sold in December alone as cost-savvy shoppers were seduced by the lowly £119 price tag… so much so that stocks ran out and individual units were being flogged on eBay for £180.

Flushed with success Tesco has announced that it is currently developing a second generation Hudl which will be released later in the year”

B7 founder Paul Tidmarsh says “Naturally we’re delighted that our Adcept technique has helped get the communication strategy just right for Hudl – it’s a tremendous product & the public has clearly realised how useful & how much fun it can be in their homes.”

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