Adcepts – More Quantity & More Quality than Concept Statements

The real advantage of B7 Innovation’s Adcept methodology is that it gives not just more quantity than concept statements, it gives much more quality too.

One of the key drawbacks that concept statements have as research stimulus, is that the number of areas that can be explored in a focus group is low. Six concepts is about the limit per group, which means that many potentially strong ideas are never exposed to consumers. Often the themes left out are the more revolutionary ones that can drive the sort of ground-breaking innovation that gives lasting market leadership. Another downside of restricted numbers is that the project team can waste valuable time fighting over which areas to include, or trying to force-fit separate ideas into a single concept statement.

B7’s Adcepts are different. We show up to 80 Adcepts per focus group, allowing many more themes to be explored. Although this number seems extremely high, because ideas areas are grouped, consumers quickly lead us towards those themes that resonate most with them. We find that early within the session, respondents are focusing on approx. 15 Adcepts which they believe have real potential.

The quality advantage that Adcepts hold over concept statements comes from the fact that each of the theme areas which the group expresses interest in is explored from a number of different angles. Subtle difference in tone can be examined, so that a finely nuanced understanding results. This very precise learning about what is most compelling about an idea ensures that a communications brief is extremely precise, something very helpful to the creatives charged with bringing the idea to life.

Adcepts are the most effective way to explore where a brand could go and what it could become. They give a freedom to explore many more areas than concept statements and then give so much more detail and tone on the ideas which offer most potential. B7 founder Paul Tidmarsh says “It’s liking having your cake and eating it too!”

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