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Gordon’s Gin / Tanqueray

Gordon’s Gin


Back in the early 2000s gin in general, and Gordon’s in particular, suffered from associations of middle aged suburbia and golf clubs. Our job was to position Gordon’s as a young fashionable drink and lose its stuffy image. We used Adcepts to scope how the brand could progress without looking like ‘dad dancing in the disco’! This work informed the communication briefs that started the process of re-focusing the brand on a new younger target.


Brand positioning

The brand is a premium upmarket gin, but back in the early 2000s very few had heard of it. Our task was to help define the positioning and work out what were the most motivating values to communicate to widen its appeal.




The task was to develop innovation ideas with significant market potential. We decided to review every single idea that Tetley had generated in the last five years as well as generating new ideas. As always with Adcepts we developed multiple angles for each idea so we could give each idea its best chance of succeeding with consumers.

That way we could cast a new light on ideas that had failed in the past. This is key, as it is often the old ideas that tend to have the biggest sales potential – the search for ever more innovative ideas can bring novel creative approaches that unfortunately are ever more niche. The process created three ideas that the innovation team are progressing and developing (obviously confidential till launched!).

Pot Noodle


Pot Noodle


Here we scoped many different innovation ideas using Adcepts that resulted in a more creative way of presenting new flavours with more emotion & wit that befitted the brand.

Wall’s Iglo


Innovation Roadmap

Here we used Adcepts to scope innovation themes alongside multiple product ideas so we could see what strategic themes had most potential and then identify the most relevant / compelling product idea for an innovation roadmap.


Irn Bru

Innovation development

IRN BRU is an iconic brand in Scotland that outsells Coca Cola. Our task was to develop & scope new innovations to fuel further growth. In innovation projects we use multiple Adcepts for each idea so that we can represent multiple angles – that way we give each idea its best chance of success.

We revisited old ideas as well as generating new ideas. This is key as the big volume ideas tend to be things that have been thought of already! Our Adcept methodology allows us to look at these past failures in multiple incarnations so maximising the chance of getting the idea to work. In this case the winning idea (which is currently being developed for launch) was an idea that had always failed in the past that the methodology allowed us to see in a new way.