“B7 offer a strong alternative to traditional written concept based research stimulus. Their Adcepts enable consumers to respond on a personal level and ensure discussion priorities are geared towards their preferences vs. being imposed upon them. The Adcept breadth enables us to get to bigger positioning, NPD or brand ideas without being hampered by the executional limitations of a narrow set of concepts. Although the Adcepts themselves aren’t being evaluated, they’re in a media form that’s more recognisable than standard written concepts (which consumers never encounter in the real world) and therefore more immediately relatable. They spark rich, and at times soul baring, conversation that lead to finding penetrating insights. The B7 team are a collaborative joy to work with and help make the most of a qualitative research opportunity.”

Lucy Morris
Managing Director
Spinach Research

“The B7 methodology makes qualitative research much more engaging for respondents, (& more interesting for the moderator) and consistently delivers more in-depth and sharper results for the clients.”

Hellen Sillis

How often do we come across situations where concepts or advertising communicate three, four, five or six messages? B7 and the adcept process provide a forum to explore multiple angles efficiently and effectively. Choices are explored, tough decisions made, all resulting in the team and the brand to be (joyfully!) single-minded. I’ve had the privilege of working with B7 on multiple projects across different brands. The results: a true partnership through the course of each project and outputs that were referenced and leveraged over and over again.

Debbie Lee
Global Marketing Director

B7 were invaluable in unearthing fresh insights on a difficult project. Their unique approach to research allowed for more precise conversations with consumers, ultimately yielding more effective thinking that helped drive momentum and confidence. I recommend them to all who look to research for more than just validation but actually to inform and create new and fresh thinking that unlocks better creative strategy and execution.

Carl Mueller
Planner BBH

We ran a project with B7 to find customer insights and get concept evaluations from end customers.

The project took place several years ago, but we are still regularly using the materials created and the research findings to this day. It has been worth every penny we have invested. The Adcept methodology is brilliant. It seems simple but is very well thought through and it delivers really usable results.

The B7 team made a lasting impression on the people involved in the project. They are an unusual combination of experts, creative, methodologists and professional, inspiring and fun to work and get along with.

Marc van Aken
Philips Consumer Intelligence

Working with B7 is a truly refreshing experience. Concept boards can inhibit even the most articulate consumer and experienced moderator from looking at different angles which could enhance an idea. The diverse and meaningful stimulus B7 produce allow us to explore a multitude of different expressions which help stimulate debate and allow an idea to flourish.

In most cases, it’s our preferred approach for development of communication territories and innovation.

Caroline Bright
FireFly Millward Brown